Using Positive Cash Flow Property

Apply now & let us work out exactly how much money you can afford to make this year. 

We earned an average 27.4% return for our clients in 2018.

Now it's your turn.

This expression of interest is really checking for 2 things...

1. You can get GREAT value from us. 

We want to be sure you have the right circumstances that will allow us to make you money straight away. If we can't make you money asap, then we don't put you into our program.

2. You’ll be a good fit for us. 

We've created a process that works (producing $227,000 returns per property). We want to work with people who will stick to this process and not second guesses our acquisition guys (who assess over 500 deals a week and refine them down to one or two that make this kind of money).

This is for you if you...

  • Are serious about growing your portfolio in a way that doesn't rely on market movement (crucial in the predicted downturn)
  • Want a team of professional investors (with proven results) to do it all for you.
  • Have an income and some deposit funds, ultimately we need to talk to the banks.

This is NOT for you if you...

  • You suffer from "dream seeker mentality", this is for action takers only.
  • Have $0 deposit, no income and wanting everything done for free.

We will politely decline your expression of interest if you're not yet ready

  • Total investment needed: $65,000 (deposit + costs + interest during construction)
  • 76.9% return on your cash in the deal in just 6 months
  • Guaranteed, fixed price build contracts 
  • Properties from as little as $475,000
  • ​I created $1.98 million in equity 5 years, that's $396,000 a year. 

Sydney Office

Lvl 4, 100 Harris St, Pyrmont, NSW
1300 881 422

Queensland Office 

1A, 76 Minnie St, Southport, QLD